I want magic. And when I think magic, I think love. I want a guy who can sweep me off my feet and do anything to be around me. I want a love story that I can tell my kids in the future. The kind of love story that you read in books and cry, the kind of story where there’s a good day just before a bad one and everything falls apart but then comes back together. I want a love story that is full of heart wrenching pain and tears but also sacrifice and laughter. If he’s ever mad, I want him to say, ‘I’m mad at you but gosh I love you so much.’ If he’s ever gone, I want to know that he’ll be back, that maybe it just isn’t right, right now. When we see each other at an event and he’s across the room, I wanna stare at him and have him stare back like he misses me. And when he comes back to me, I’m gonna keep on loving him like I never stopped. I wanna tell my kids that our love never died and will never die, even if we’re not together. There are just some people that you will never stop loving even if the universe insists to set you apart.
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